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If you’re noticing cracks in stretches or sections of your asphalt, then you likely need to invest in
a paving overlay or resurfacing of your asphalt. Pavemaks efficiently, effectively and affordably
tackles paving overlay and resurfacing projects in New Jersey and New York.

A paving overlay functions to extend the life of a paved surface. When an asphalt surface is
properly maintained, it can last for up to 20 years. Elements like weather, traffic and vehicle
weight will impact the how the surface wears and tears. If the subgrade or base of the asphalt is
stable, then a paving overlay or resurfacing effort is a common and strong solution.

Why & How We Perform Paving Overlays

At Pavemaks, we will assess the condition of your asphalt surface prior to executing an overlay project.

Our goal is to ensure that we identify the most appropriate solution for your surface.
Here’s what you can expect with a paving overlay or resurfacing project with Pavemaks:

Crack Removal

Asphalt cracks are typically caused by tree roots, vehicle weight, weather and natural elements. A paving overlay is a sound solution for erasing existing cracks.

Meticulous Milling

We will assess the state of your asphalt surface and then use a milling machine to remove the cracked or damaged areas of the asphalt. Once the asphalt is removed, typically 1 to 3 inches, we’ll then clean and prep the area for the overlay process.

Reliable Results

You can look forward to a durable, long-lasting surface once your overlay project has been completed. With proper maintenance, your overlay should remain smooth and stable for up to one decade.

Benefits of Paving Overlays

It’s not always necessary to overhaul a surface entirely, which is why a paving overlay is often a
suitable solution for asphalt surfaces. Here are some of the primary benefits of a paving overlay:

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