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If you’re in need of a professional asphalt sealcoating service or paving company in New York or
New Jersey, Pavemaks is your sealcoating solution. Asphalt sealcoating refers to the process of
sealing asphalt cracks in order to prevent ice and water from entering and disturbing the
integrity of a driveway or parking lot. Over time, elements like: rain, oil and other chemicals can
degrade asphalt, which results in a brittle surface that can be a safety concern and reduce curb

Asphalt Sealcoating Service with Superior Results

Sealcoating is a necessity when it comes to successfully protecting an asset like asphalt.
Sealcoating not only protects, but also prolongs the life expectancy of asphalt pavement by
filling surface damage and providing a protective layer to resist and block out damaging UV
rays, vehicle fluids, and water

Understanding the Pavemaks Sealcoating Process

We begin each sealcoating project with a visit to your site so that we can effectively survey your
space, and ensure that we’ll be working during a time slot that will not interfere with your lifestyle
or business operations. After this, we’ll schedule a time to provide a surface cleaning since a
clean surface is imperative as we begin the sealcoating process. The goal is to create a surface
that the material will adhere to properly. From here and once we can confirm the surface is
clean, we’ll apply two coats of sealer. It’s important to understand that the sealcoating typically
requires 24-48 hours before traffic can once again hit the area.


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Benefits of Sealcoating

Aside from helping you protect, preserve and prolong the life of this asset, sealcoating hosts a
number of additional benefits:

Enhances the appearance of your commercial space or landscape

Acts as an insulator versus gas/oil spills so that they cannot fracture asphalt surfaces

Flexibility to pavement designed to handle high volume traffic & extreme temperatures

An affordable and durable solution to ensure your asphalt is long-lasting

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