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If you’re looking for a New York or New Jersey-based asphalt paving company, Pavemaks is your solution.

At its very core, asphalt can be defined as a black, tarry material typically used to pave driveways, roads and fill in potholes.

Our NY & NJ paving contractors have the skill and
experience to successfully execute and deliver the paving services you need.

Why use asphalt as a paving substance?

In New York and New Jersey, asphalt is a popular substance for paving surfaces like driveways,
roads, parking lots, and even airport runways due to its high-quality characteristics:

Waterproof Property

Because asphalt is a water-repellent material with a lightweight structure, it does not dissolve in water. It also boasts characteristics like strong plasticity, adhesion strength, and bond force with mineral materials, making it waterproof


Asphalt can deform without being broken, making it a malleable and ductile paving option.


Asphalt is often referred to as ‘perpetual pavement’ because its top surface can be continuously replaced while other surfaces/substances, like concrete, require the original pavement to be ripped out, and then replaced.


Asphalt is easy to apply, eco-friendly, easily repaired and cost-effective which makes it a very attractive option for contractors and clients alike.

Asphalt is a smoother alternative than other paving options, which makes it an even and generally noiseless surface, ideal for motorists.

Primary Benefits of NY & NJ Asphalt Road Services

We pride ourselves on being residential and commercial asphalt paving experts, and in fulfilling
our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless service that fits your
project specifications, on-time and on-budget. Three of the primary benefits that Pavemaks’
asphalt paving service offers, include:


Our professional paving contractors lay asphalt that is designed to remain strong and reliable for decades, when properly maintained. Erosion, shifting and heavy traffic may be inevitable factors, but our Pavemaks experts have the knowledge and skill to perform high quality asphalt paving services that last.


Not only is asphalt a durable paving substance option, but it’s also highly cost-effective, especially when compared to concrete. Surface materials like brick and stone often require costly restoration, whereas asphalt can have a much longer lasting and positive impact on your budget.


Asphalt pavements require less energy to produce and construct than other pavements. Low energy for production and construction, as well as low emission of greenhouse gasses combined with the conservation of natural resources make asphalt an eco-friendly paving substance.

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